Offering coaching classes for soon-to-be dads virtually, in person, one-on-one or in group sessions.

Having a newborn is an exciting yet anxious life changing experience for many new dads. These classes are designed to provide you with the necessary resources and ongoing support to assist men in becoming a "superdad."

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caring for Baby

You'll learn basics like feeding, diapering, and infant safety. In addition, Dads will know how to comfort their infant and read their baby's cues.

Caring for Mom

We value an involved Dad and will show you how to best care for and support your partner during the postpartum period. 

Caring for Self

Taking care of you is also important during the transition of welcoming a new baby. With our coaching and support, you'll feel like a Superdad! 



You will learn...

- How you can bond with baby
- Early infant development
- Newborn sleep
- How to comfort a crying baby
- How to read baby cues
- Feeding
- Diapering
- Newborn Safety
- Postpartum depression in Dads